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Ceramic Barriers

The most advanced exhaust system coating available. It is a very durable ceramic reinforced coating available in a variety of colors. When properly applied it becomes the most effective thermal barrier coating available, increasing performance, while extending component life & has been tested to over 2000 degrees F without lifting, cracking or flaking.

Unlike header wraps, it does not hold potentially damaging heat & moisture around the part. Rather, the surface temperatures are actually reduced, extending the life of the part. When cured, a very effective corrosion inhibiting film is formed that protects the part against oxidation and imparts excellent chemical resistance that further extends part life and enhances appearance.

Examine the following table and look at the amount of temperature drop that the Ceramic coated header provides! Header wraps provide a similar drop in temperature but do not provide the internal corrosion resistance that our ceramic coatings provide. Exhaust gases are extremely corrosive and have a tendency to deteriorate headers from the inside out. By coating both internal as well as external surfaces, not only are the temperatures reduced but also coating both internal as well as external surfaces maximizes the corrosion resistance.

Exhaust Gas Temperature Header Surface Temperature Radiated Heat (unheated) Radiated Heat (Coated) Temperature Drop Degrees F
1330 810 170 60 110
1340 810 170 60 110
1350 820 180 70 110
1380 830 180 70 110
1410 840 180 70 110
1420 840 180 70 110
1440 860 190 70 120
1510 890 190 70 120
1530 930 200 80 120

It has been determined that engine efficiency improves by 1% for every 10° degree drop in under-hood temperature. If we were to use the above data, we could reasonably assume that we would obtain a 50 horsepower increase on a 500 horsepower engine.