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POWDER COATING – Powder coating is a completely different way to apply paint to a part than the familiar "wet-spray and bake." Aside from allowing painting companies to comply with new air quality laws, powder coat finishes offer some distinct advantages compared to solvent-based paints.

Cleaning & Powder Process

The item to be coated is washed (power cleaned) using iron phosphate, rinsed, sealed and dried. The powder paint is applied as a fine powder onto the part (not as a liquid). A powder spray gun attaches an electrical charge to each tiny paint particle as it leaves the gun. By doing so, each particle is electrostaticly attracted to the part being coated. After the powder has been applied, it is transferred to a cure oven, which bakes the powder at a preset temperature. The heat from the oven causes the powder to liquefy/gel and then hardens on the part.

Today’s powder coating can achieve many different characteristics. Hundreds of colors, textures and glosses yield a variety of attractive and durable finishes.

Benefits of Powder Coating

  • Durability – Powder coatings are extremely durable, and various types are formulated to endure the severity of chemicals, abrasion and chipping, or ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.
  • Finish variety – The latest paint technology has resulted in texture, wrinkle, hammer-tone as well as smooth film powder coatings in any level of gloss.
  • Color variety – Powder coatings are available in a wide array of colors, and can be specially matched on request.
  • Higher quality – Before baking, parts painted with liquid paint have a strong tendancy to attract dust particles that mar the final finish. Because powder coatings are dry before baking, they attract virtually no dust, leading to a better quality finish.

Environmentally Friendly

Powder coating is an "environmentally friendly" option. There are no VOC's -- volatile organic compounds -- in any part of the powder coating process. This eliminates one of the major causes of air pollution today. The absence of VOC's also results in an economical benefit to companies doing powder coating. With solvent based coating methods, the work area needs to be vented. With powder coating, though, this venting isn't necessary. Savings can be achieved through reduced heating and cooling costs. These savings mean that powder coating is also an economically friendly finishing alternative as well.

General Information

  • Remember: While a glossy finished is very impressive it is not always the best finish for your particular part. We highly recommend that you choose a finish that will flatter your part's condition. Pitted parts and poor castings should be coated with a wrinkle/gator or vein finish. SQI can help recommend a coating for you.
  • Highlights on raised surfaces: (i.e., valve covers & cylinders) will have an additional cost. Two (2) tone colors will also cost more.
  • Additional work, that has not been quoted, will be billed at our shop rate of $55.00 per hour.
  • Group pieces together if you are planning a single color choice. This will avoid extra minimum charges.
  • Parts must be totally disassembled. SQI will not disassemble anything you bring to us. (i.e., Seals, bushings, gaskets, bearings and races)
  • SQI’s sand blasting part profile is 6’ x 3.5’ x 3’. Blasting of larger parts will be subcontracted at a rate of $75.00 to $150.00 per hour. Please call for prices.
  • All other parts should be clean and free of all dirt, grease and oils. If cleaning is required, we can quote that as a separate cost.
  • Parts can not contain any bondo or body filler. Bondo will ruin the coating. Our process may fill some minor imperfections. Call for details.
  • Clear coats can be applied over almost all powders for a look of depth and gloss. Clear coating also provides added protection against the sun UV’s rays that may discolor finishes if exposed to constant sunlight. NOTE: Some colors require a clear coat, (i.e., metallics, silver, gold, veins, etc.). If you decide to have us clear coat your parts after your initial run of part's, you will be charged the "In House Color" pricing for those items.
  • Powder can be applied over old chrome parts if they have been mediablasted. However, SQI cannot guarantee coatings over chrome.