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Warranty on Exhaust System Coatings

SQI Performance Coating warranties their workmanship on exhaust coatings for a period of 3 years when applied to a new header or manifold, from original date of purchase, against rust and corrosion. Warranty does not cover exceeding stated temperature limits, chemical damage or physical (mechanical) damage to the coatings. Areas of headers where the pipes run parallel and join together sometimes are not accessible to apply coatings in to. We try our best to get these areas coated, but it sometimes it is impossible. Therefore the warranty is void if rusting starts in this given area. The warranty does not include the costs of freight, stripping charges, costs incurred during down time, removal or any replacement costs. Failure to properly install and maintain products will void all warranties. All warranty claims must be returned to Performance Coatings, Inc. for inspection, along with a copy of the original invoice.

Warranty on Coating

Bearings, seals, gasket material, sludge, grease and oils must be removed by customer prior to powder coating. SQI can make arrangements to have these items removed at additional cost.

SQI stands behind their work by offering a 12-month warranty against peeling, rusting or major fading of the powder coated surface. The warranty is only in effect if the part meets the following conditions. The part must be new and SQI must mediablast the part and apply zinc primer (steel or cast iron parts). For used parts the warranty period will be 6-months.

  • No warranty for part discoloration due to extreme heat conditions.
  • No warranty over old chrome.
  • No warranty for poorly cast parts that may have surface imperfections.
  • Some parts may require a two step process, at extra cost.

If desired we will ship smaller parts via UPS. UPS makes it easy to trace and insure your shipment. We can arrange shipments of larger items through several freight companies. Call for details.

Please pack your parts with plenty of padding because we will return them in the same packaging they are received in. If we determine a part requires additional packaging material to protect it properly, SQI will supply the additional packaging material and charge the customer accordingly. SQI is not responsible for any damages, which occur during shipping. Damages must be handled through the shipping company.

For quicker service please fill out SQI's online packing form and the areas that pertain to your requirements.

Important Information. Media Blasting and Chemical pretreatment will be performed on your parts. However, these processes do not always remove all the oil or grease from hidden areas such as pocketed recesses or (tapped) holes. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure all of these areas are thoroughly cleaned. In the baking process, oils and greases will melt and flow out of holes and onto the powder-coated surfaces, ruining the finish. SQI is not responsible for any damaged coatings due to improperly cleaned parts.